Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

About Me - isn't it my life anyway?

What are your passions? What makes your heart sing? Is it décor, or fashion?

Are you a foodie gourmand or a golfer?
I discovered my passions, travelling and decor, and food early in life.  I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa; we immigrated to Australia, lived in Sydney for the first 9 years, aah, the city that works 100% always, we have since had a tree change, to Brisbane, to experience life on a golf estate. The golf clubs swing, and the birds do sing...

I don’t play golf... I’m a traveler and a décor passionate!

When I was a little girl...I’d find any excuse to stay at home from school, to complete more on my shoe box house. It would have the best designer wall papers torn from magazines. And I’d love nothing better than to rummage through my mom’s remnant scraps co-coordinating some designer curtains for little windows that had been roughly cut out. Well, nothing changes to our passions... We simply grow older… Passions remain the same.

I still adore décor; I’m still continually updating our home, my romantic Colonial influenced background, plays a huge role.  Crisp white linen, dark wooden furniture. Wooden floors, white wooden shutters, and lots of palm trees swaying in the garden. Silver hip flasks and white panama hats and swaying palm trees, add the finishing touches. 
I also keep myself updated with the latest of ‘my style’ fashions, and accessories I like to think of me as a chic Nonna – I’ve got a gorgeous granddaughter Willow, now just nearly one year old. She also gets treated when I travel, with some beautiful hand embroidered dresses from Vietnam.  

Discovering Vietnam three years ago totally filled my heart with an unexplainable completion! I had arrived! Those French colonial buildings, the soft white beach sand, the five star resorts, and hotels that ooze a certain charm. The crisp baguettes, the coffee, the crockery with the dragon fly, the hand embroidered linens, the silks! 

I formed an association with Luxury Travel Vietnam, who are Tour Operators based in Hanoi, fully registered, and privately owned. Together, we put the ‘Timeless charm’ into Vietnam.  We are the only Tour Operator in Vietnam, Cambodia who offer fully escorted concierge services. The term "concierge" evolved from the French ‘Comte Des Cierges’- The Keeper of the Candles, who tended to visiting nobles in castles of the medieval era.

 Allow me to be your concierge – together we’ll discover the timeless charming. Experience our fully escorted high Lux Special interest Tours. Our tours always include a specialist, a Personal stylist, a chef, an author, or an antique & decor specialist, a golfer, together uncovering Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, and adding greater value to your Tour.

Cape Lux Travel offers our fully escorted travel services to help those still wanting to travel enjoy safe solo, adventure filled days. Small group’s 8-14 maximum with high luxury, 5 star plus accommodation, of course we choose Colonial influenced hotels where possible. Our Tours appeal to those not wanting to explore Asia alone.

‘‘Recover, Renew, Reflect, Regain, Regrow, Reconnect, Relax’’
says Jean Wethmar - CEO Cape Lux Travels.