Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reflecting on a few great meals I've had in Vietnam.. and here's to many more to come..

This was Ms Vy cooking class in Hoi An.. we learnt to make the famous white rose, and here Ms Vy is teaching us how to make those very delicious Vietnamese pancakes...mmm
Every morning, Pho for breakfast! This bowl is in Ho Chi Min, but I've had them in Hoi An, Hanoi, Halong Bay.. all over Vietnam! mmm! 
 This was the best pumpkin soup.. the day was chilly, it was in March, I was in Lang Co, at the Banyan Tree.. oh gosh.. it was the best ever! 
Another best ever.. Mushroom soup.. with cheese to eat through first! oh gosh, and that basket of the best baguettes! mmm 

 This was my very beautifully presented dish in Hanoi.. little thin pancakes, with the yummiest of dipping sauces.. very moorish! 
 Dragon Fruit.. a must to try when you visit Vietnam.. 
  Beautiful burcher musli and mango/granadilla's.. mmm! 
Scallops served on board in Halong Bay.. I don't usually like.. but these were amazing! 
 Coconut water is the best when its this fresh! Mekong Delta
 Pineapples cleaned for you to munch on when you're shopping.. Hanoi 
 Fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese pancakes.. Hanoi 
 Singapore Sling - Saigon 
 This waffle/pancake lady sure knows her talent! - She's based in Nha Trang
 My bowl of chicken curry was superb after a very relaxing massage I had at Ninh Van Bay.. so fresh.. so lightly perfumed by the fresh herbs.. ooh I remember that day well! 
 My pot of ginger herb tea after my early morning walk/swim was so thoughtful, and so enjoyed! 
 The smell coming from this basket of baguettes was so enticing! Hard to resist! 
 Freshest of fruit.. mango, dragon fruit, watermelon, granadilla, bell apples, 
My piece de resistance..memories of this dish of crepe Suzette will live with me forever! Hanoi Sofitel Metropole.. I'll be back soon! 

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