Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Friday, May 16, 2014

Looking forward to..

Is there something you're hanging out for.. can't wait for the days to pass.. excited about?...
its like time stands still.. 
Then all of a sudden..
It's here.. and yay.. yay.. that long awaited event is finally here.

I remember this feeling when I was a child
Christmas and my birthday never seemed to arrive!
Everybody else had theirs..
Yes.. Christmas and my birthday are pretty close..
December and January.. and I guess that's why it felt like FOREVER to arrive again!

Funny that.. when you're a child.. how you cant wait for your birthday!
Now that I'm in my senior years.. what Jean?.. you're in your senior years..
I don't believe you!  

(I'm a dreamer, you know!) 

As I was saying.. now that I'm in those senior years.. 
Birthdays are just like every other day.. 
But I started this post off by hanging out for something..

Is it winter?.. brr.. I don't think so.. 
Let me guess.. Is it Sydney?..
Always LOVE going down to Sydney..
that's where my heart is!

My girls.. 
my little Willow .. and for sure.. I'm going soon again.. 
No, its not Sydney..

Is it summer?..
well, yes.. kinda.. but not really.. I'm not a winter person, and although Queensland, Brisbane has great mild winters, .. it does get to be jumper time.. sometime soon.. but no.. its not winter/summer.. 

Is it the weekend?... 
well, they come around so quickly these days, just seems to be Monday, and one's here again..
No,.. no the weekend...

Is it your new grand baby you're waiting for?
Well.. yes in a fashion.. can't wait to meet her..
But no, that's my daughters baby.. she's very excited about the coming birth, I'm just the Nonna..
So.. no its not that... 

Oh I give up.. What are you hanging out for?..
One last guess?..
Oh I know...
Holidays.. holidays.. 

Jean is always planning, proposing, preparing, packing for a holiday 

If its not Sydney, its Vietnam..
Then its Cambodia, 
 and onto Laos.. 
and then South Africa.. Golfers Safari
and catching up with my darling mum.. mmm.. that'll be good! 

and being in the bush again.. the wonderful S African bush.. 
But I'm also.. hanging out for Myanmar (that's a bit long to wait).. 

its only October 2015.. :(.. there's a few trips in between that come to think of.. 
ooh.. and what about India Jean?..
India?... oh yea.. that'll be heaps of grand fun! 
That's November 2015.. 
Sure have a lot of things to hang out for..

I hope your path way is as full as mine..
So.. yes.. a year from now.. you'd wish you started TODAY....
Watch this space for any info on Jean's trips.. 
She'd love to have you join her..

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