Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Going back in time.. 2007 my first visit to the Taj

 What grand memories I have of this day in Agra.. meeting with the famous Taj .. 
  I felt like a Maharajah - royal - regal - and she didn't disappoint! 
I was asked to pose with this very pretty Indian maiden.. on the steps .. 
Our small group had all dressed up.. the guide was great.. it was a peaceful early morning.. 

 The sun was just gathering height.. 
This dear ol' lady was lost in throught as well.. 

 My eyes they see.. 
 Families.. friends gather.. 
 And we took time afterwards to shop for more bright sari's.. 
 And have our hands decorated with henna.. 
And make new friends.. 
Aah, the joy of traveling lives forth, even after seven years.. 
My tour to Rajasthan lives on in my heart! 
Ps.. I've got one on the horizon again..
November 2015.. Rajasthan - Fit for a Maharajah for sure!  

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