Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Feet on the ground.. its Wednesday again....

 Home sweet home today.. its glorious weather in Qld Australia, although we're well into our autumn here, temps are still in the high 20's! 
 I can't go passed a bit of blue and white! Ever! 
 I adore Ginger Jars.. white shutters, palm trees

 And oranges and lemons.. the bells of St. Clemens. 
 Monogrammed linen 
 And time to sit down at a beautifully set table, and savour every bite you eat! 
Strawberry flowers, and.. sigh.. dream on.. feet on the ground Jeanie.. its only Wednesday! 

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