Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ddd is for?.....jip you guessed it.. Decor Wednesday...

These are a few of my favorite things.. (decor things)..
"When the dawn bites, when the bee stings.. I simply remember my favorite things..
and then I don't feel so bad.. "
 Teak boats drifting slowly on the Irrawaddy River Myanmar.. 
 Gorgeous old fashioned bathrooms to enjoy
 Those black and white tiles.. remind me of my first kitchen.. I had them back in the 70's - still favorite 
 Back to drifting.. this time Ha Long Bay Vietnam.. gorgeous teak again.. 
 Dark cozy hotel rooms.. full of character and deluxe and charm! 
This one is the Hotel D La Opera Hanoi.. Its gorgeous! 
 This is their dining room.. breakfasts and dinners here are very special!
 I adore cane chairs on great sunny veranda's.. time to take yourself out for a while! 
This one is Batholomeus Klip in South Africa.. a working sheep/buffalo breeding farm, just delightful! 
As often as I can.. I will return there! 
 A good glass of red.. South African or Australia.. same, same.. and a nice lamb cutlet! mmm!  
Now this is the color we've decided for the study walls.. sweet currant! yay.. yay.. happy happy! 
Some new paintings I'm eyeing .. for the lounge walls.. you like?..
Its amazing what makes my world turn around..
Hope the rest of your week is kind to  you too.. 
Raindrops, and kittens,
Warm fuzzy slippers, 
Hot cross buns
Ginger chocolates
Chai Tea
Lamb Curry
Pillows galore on my bed
Candle light at night.. every night! 
Crisp white sheets
Clean white tea towels
Donna Hay recipes
Goats cheese and vine ripened tomatoes on crackers
and so the list goes on..

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  1. Indeed, we were thinking of favorite things though I must confess to liking yours much better than mine.