Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Pilates'13 journey continues.. next stop HANOI

 We've arrived in Hanoi.. amidst the pretties season of all.. the bridal season! 
On every corner, wait brides and their grooms waiting to be photographed.. just stunning! 
 Of course, as mentioned.. I get out and about when on holiday early.. and in Hanoi, its no exception! 
I walk amongst the exercisers, and get inspiration for this great city! 
 Everybody, old, and young.. do it daily! Great going Hanoi! 
 Citizens of Hanoi use every available space for exercising.. they even have dancing classes under the trees.. and zumba, and thai chi.. wonderful to see! 

But there's more to exercising in Hanoi.. its known for its shopping!  
 Streets, and streets of ware.. sunglass street! shoe street! Silk street.. etc.. 
 Checking into the Metropole Sofitel is always high on my priority list! Cheers! Good to be back! 
 Its such a grand ol' lady! Built in 1901 and still going very strong, and ever so gracious!  Ps.. the painting above was done by Joan Baez! 
 See what I'm telling ;you.. its just beautiful! 
 From every angle, every passage, every area.. just perfect.. ! 
 And the staff are so obliging and friendly! Oh I love you Hanoi! 
 Ozzing her charms and loveliness.. Sofitel Metropole 
 Of course, this is a Pilates Tour.. so we're here to do some Pilates as well.. and that we do.. thanks Elsabe and Sarah for enthusiasm.. 
 Then we have those gorgeous breakfasts afterwards.. pho to die for! Baguettes, croissants, coffee, oh lets do eggs benedict today as well.. we'll walk it off later.. 
 What.. dinner tonight.?.. ok great.. Green Tangerine is a great setting.. bit expensive though.. 
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an ending.. 
Farewell dinner at Wild Lotus.. time to glam up girls..
One last dish of Morning Glory,.. one last group pic.. 
ok.. make that two.. last group pics.. this group has been such fun to be part of..  
Thanks heaps Leah, Janelle, (me) Elsabe, Galit, and Sarah..
Amazing company.. great memories.. good times we shared.. thank you very much 
Jean x

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