Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Thursday, December 5, 2013

As promised Hoi An .. inside.. outside.. upside down side.. all sides.. ooh aah!

 Anantara resort & Spa Hoi An - great place to check into because of its location.. right in town! No need for transfers, or waiting for taxi's .. just use your feet! 
 And its pretty owesome too! right on Kim Bonh River.. tut.. tut.. 
 Dusk falls gently here.. beautiful French Colonial styled hotel.. oozing charm! 
 Gorgeous pool area.. 
 Be sure to find this pool and use it! Its superb! 
 Of course, when in Hoi An.. you must do a cookery lesson with Ms Vy! She's the noted best in town! 
 She's just opened a great new restaurant cookery school.. and what she taught us will not be forgotten.. tasted delish after a very hectic day! 
 Hoi An is noted for its rainy season.. and monsoons.. and floods.. but its also noted as the best place for photography.. 
 Even blue shutters are a great prop!
 The streets are charming.. one wants to be in them all day long! Meeting the characters who live here are a bonus! 
 Of Course.. girls must also splurge.. this was dinner at Nam Hai.. ooh aah! 
 Did I mention rain.. but it too gives opportunity for those great photo shots! 
 And did I mention Hoi An's yellow?.. 

 Well.. its just perfect color ! I wish I could paint some more of this color at home in Au! 
 Of course food plays a vital part in our living.. here school kids get their lunch from this on the trot vendor.. and by the looks of it.. those Baguettes went down a treat! 
 Hoi An's very famous Japanese Bridge.. it has a very famous legend! 
And if you cross over this bridge.. you get to this gorgeous side of Hoi An.. so peaceful, no traffic.. no beeps to watch out for.. just beauty and amazing pics opportunities..
Hoi An has to be my favorite.. well sort of.. 
Actually coming to think of it.. all the cities we visit in Vietnam are my favorites! 

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