Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday.. Monday.. feels like the start of 'newness' always!

Some people hate Mondays..

I love them.. to me its an opportunity to 'start over'... 
let's begin again mentality 

aah.. and I love a restart! 
we used to live in Sydney.. aah Sydney..
 but now we live in Brisbane.. and I love the peacefulness of the golf estate we live on.. 

Often times adversities in ones life present you with lots of prayer time.. and prayertime always brings newness in one! 

new opportunities.. 
new ideas.. 
new week.. 
new energy!
New shoes to shuffel to.. new music to set in your heart.. new direction to dream and hope for...
so.. to get back to Mondays.. 

So What's on your plate this Monday Jean?
Well..  seeings you asked... 
Coffee done.. Washing done.. 
its a glorious day in Brisbane here today, we had some good rains overnight, but today its washing! 
Then I'm being treated to a facial and some catch up time with a girl friend! mmm
Oh.. aah.. now I love a facial and never have the time or take out time for myself..

So treat time coming up on a Monday for me today..

Then its back to the office after lunch - got heaps of work to do,
Many tours on the trot.. 
Golfing.. Girls Only.. Photography.. Pilates.. Golfing.. oh gosh.. 

but .. for now.. 
Facial is calling..  best be on my bicycle.. I'll chat later .. x 
have a brilliant Monday y'all.. 

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