Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Thursday, October 3, 2013

We meet the famous chefs in Hoi An..

 The sun had started casting shadows on the water, by the time we'd finished our tour of the veggie market.. and discovered which little tool to use for which decorating skill.. and which very sharp clever to use for lemongrass, garlic, and julienne carrots..
cooking_class with Ms Vy
 Aah.. now I know how to use this tool we were given.. 
  We crossed over the bridge, .. We are on the way to Meet Ms Vy -

 Aah.. the new 'The Market Restaurant' Hoi An - Plus cookery school awaits..
 The writings on the walls.. this new restaurant is going to be very good!

 Anybody that puts such gorgeous plates on the walls, has great taste!
 Meet Janelle, my very good friend..
 And Meet all the Vietnamese herbs.. each one very good friends as well..
 I see Chinese Coriander, Lemon Basil, Green Mustard Leaf, Wild Watercress,
 Meet the famous Ms Vy and Tran Tuan Nga
The Tran family are famous for white rose dumplings.. 
Her grandfather first created the light and fluffy dumplings for family dinners, but they became so popular that he started selling the dumplings to his neighbors.  

We get to try and make/taste these dumplings.. very moorish indeed! White rose (banh bao vac), a type of shrimp dumpling made from translucent white dough bunched up to look like a rose. - And very tasty! 
Then we start making our Vietnamese Pancakes.. mmm.. the best dish ever!
cooking_class with Ms Vy
Banh xeo - Crispy Hoi An Pancakes, fluffy, and very tasty.. the batter is mung beans soaked, tumeric, and long grain rice
cooking_class with Ms Vy

cooking_class with Ms Vy
Then we started making our Fresh Rice Paper Rolls.. be sure to buy some of these very delightful dipping bowls when you visit Hoi An!! 

Rice Paper Rolls..

Dry rice paper: 5 pieces - dampen with a clean just wet sponge to make more pliable
Butternut lettuce: 25g
Bean sprouts: 25g Fresh vermicelli: 150g
Vietnamese basils: 5g
Vietnamese mints: 15g
Small sized king prawns: 30g (approximately 5 prawns)
Pork loin (or belly): 30g
Peel the prawns, remove the heads, tails and black strips and cut it into half from head to tail.
Boil the pork and thinly slice it into 10 pieces.
Place a dry rice paper on a moist tea towel and spread evenly lettuce, herbs, bean sprouts and vermicelli from the middle of the rice paper to the top end.
Fold the rice paper from the both sides.
Place the pork and prawn on top and roll it out tightly.
The Morning Glory cooking school has gained a well deserved reputation over the years for its classes, and was the first cooking school established in Hoi An. Owner and founder Ms. Trinh Diem Vy is a third generation chef and native of Hoi An whose cooking classes have featured in various publications around the world. A highly passionate individual, Ms Vy has created six cooking class programs to suit all types - from beginner to amateur, to professional. 

 Place the prawns in the middle, down, then the pork slices.. then the crisp herbs/lettace etc.,
 And roll up..
 Be sure to eat with that dipping sauce - ours was vinegary, with chili.. sweet, sour, and hot spicy..
Ms Vy's style goes before her! Having experienced her class, I can totally recommend anyone visiting Hoi An to do the same! - Be sure to try and have a peaceful day before your class though! The heat and shopping can sap one's energy totally! 

 Next dish is the soup..liquid first..  noodles  then the ... Smiles all around!
 Girls had all  had such a busy day shopping, and it was hot.. but they all managed really well..! A huge memory making day this was.. well done ladies for staying the whole  food journey!
Pork .. and pork crackling.. and lastly a crisp wafer of rice paper, and the herbs, and chili.. 
After our class, we whizzed back to the tailors, and the shoe makers, and the jewellers to collect all our shopping.. or wait for them to be delivered to our hotel.. 
We did'nt make use of the bicycles here though, we did 'enjoy' a 30 min massage - and then a relax in the best pub in town! 
Heritage Bar
Heritage Bar
Ease into a lazy afternoon or romantic evening at this colonial style bar, which boasts a wide selection of wines. Indoors, old black and white photos depict the town’s heritage. 

Some gorgeous ol' shots of Hoi An Ancient town.. 

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