Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sharing and caring STATS day..

 Are you driven by dreams or goals?
When I started blogging about Vietnam it was just a dream..
To one day have a successful
Travel Company where I could share my passion for Vietnam, and S E Asia..
Well.. that dream didn't stay with just a dream..
It became a goal..
With a deadline every day!
A deadline to share my Vietnam in all aspects
And then I was chuffed to find others found what I was sharing good enough to be
excited enough to visit,
Brave enough to follow my ideas, and my passions,
and use me to help them make their travel dreams happen..
Pretty soon.. those page views added up..
as did the passenger I assisted with their travel arrangements..

To name just a few special travellers I've helped make their travelling dreams come true

Linda Lewis and her friends.. x USA
Denise Wood and her friend - Au Qld
Brendan Rudd and his family Au - Vic
Sharon Mc Neill and family Au - Vic
Pilates Group Sydney/Brisbane Au

but this post is all about blogging..

  To each very special  blog visitor 
A huge big thank you bowl of flowers coming  your way today..
Especially to all my USA visitors.. 
Gosh.. I'm so grateful you find my site enjoyable and of good value

 I'd give you the best gift I could if I only I could... 
 I'd offer you a stunning lunch at my place.. 
 We'd talk for ages and sip a good cool Australian wine and 
'salute' and cheers to 'Bloggers Unite'

But alas..
We must be satisfied with just a 
most sincere, and very genuine

Shout out.. 

Thank you

I am grateful.. thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. 

and keep on flying with me on my voyages of S E Asia Discovery please..
One day.. who knows, where, who knows when..

We'll meet! 

 On a quiet beach in Nha Trang?
On the golf course  in Lang Co?

 At the Press Club in Hanoi?

Sipping a cocktail in Hanoi?
Drifting on a beautiful cruise on Halong Bay?

 Laos?.. Cambodia?..

Or maybe enjoying a Cafe Su Da together..?
I hope we meet in person one day soon!
Thanks again!

Each page view has inspired me to continue with my goals and dreams do happen!

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