Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pilates Tour Vietnam 5-16 September 2013

 We're on our way.. Vietnam Pilates Tour is happening! Here Elsabe, our marvelous Pilates Instructor and myself are catching up on some retail ideas/shopping en route at Singapore Airport!
 Aah.. that bed looks so comfy! Nope.. first some quick bonding with our new group of x6 friends, this bed at Sofitel Plaza can wait! Rooms very comfy, very clean, very good choice of colors!
 Here our small group finally meet in person, outside the Post Office in Saigon..
                             from L.. Leah, Jean, Galit, Janelle, Elsabe, Sarah
 Inside this iconic old building..
 Oldest of mosaic floor tiles.. how many feet have crossed over their threshold?
 Time to bond, catch up, get to know more about each other.. and its hot.. hot!

 Must have this fan!
 The grand ol' Notre Dames Cathedral..
 Walking, talking, with our very friendly, helpful English speaking tour guide.
 Saigon Opera House..
 And some gorgeous smelling retail therapy! This shop is L'Usine.. a MUST visit!
 Cute different products..
 The name ..
 The tiles..
 First street food.. waffles and another packet of dried banana..

 Under the shade of the tamarind trees..
 a very beautiful patisserie shop we discovered.. and ooh'd and aah'd over.. all but two resisted!
 Tall, skinny houses.. land is very expensive,.. so we go up.. up.. and up..
 Here, red faced Jean, with Elsabe our Pilates instructor catch breath and wonder the peace amongst the chaos of the mopeds on Saigon's streets!
 Such calmness.. such peace..
 Such color..
 But.. all decided it was time for a foot massage.. so onto the roof we all went.. swim first.. then ooh, aah.. nod off time!

 Out for dinner.. with our guide.. Hoa Tuc in an old Opium factory.. food was excellent, especially the Morning Glory.. and the creme brulee! and the rest of the x8 dishes!

 Bed is calling, the candles have been lite..
Its time to switch off this very pretty silk bedside light.. and relax in the very comfy Sofitel bed.. aah.. Vietnam.. its good to be back! 
More tomorrow.. watch this space..

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