Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Monday, September 30, 2013

Catching up with the tailors in Hoi An.. and the architecture, the food.. the.. the...

 The last of the lotus flowers bloom 
 And the water lilies open.. its time to get to the tailors!
 Aah.. girls have fun when we shop! 
 My lovely friend Genia .. she's so helpful always! 
 So... measurements done.. fabric chosen.. tick.. tick.. time for lunch! 
 But oh look.. silk lanterns.. 
 And gorgeous galleries! 
 More silk lanterns! 
 Homes oozing with charm. 
 And a slight rain started! 
 And then it gets heavier.. and heavier! 
 Little kittens hid from the storm! 
 And we try on more silk scarves
 Old people peep around walls, to see what's happening in their street.. 
 And still it rains.. but oh rain brings such joy to a photographer! 
 The colors are brighter.. 
 Tropical rain brings troubles to the roads mind you! 
 But the hawkers still sell their produce! 
 And there's such a great choice of colors about.. ! 
 Which color should I buy these plates in?.. such decisions to be made! 
 Oh look.. how fresh are these herbs! 
 And peppers.. the same color almost as the buildings in Hoi An! 
 Hoi An's yellow! 
 One thing when it rains, it clears the streets out! 

 Fishing men getting ready to go to seas! 
 Hoi An's delightful yellow works so well with green palm trees! 

 Aah.. somebody familiar.. hello Leah/Galit.. 

 And yet more blue/white pottery! 
 I really need some of these little plates/bowls. and even bigger ones too! 

 All of a sudden.. the lanterns come on.. 
 The cigars come out! 
The feet become weary.. its time to get 'home' to our lovely hotel..
More on this Hotel tomorrow.. in the meanwhile.. 
Xin chao - from Hoi An. 

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