Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gatsby Glamour Tour Planning in progress.. more details?...

Gatsby Glamour Asia  style Tour – 8 nights of luxury
NEW TOUR in working progress..

Pack your cream linens, steamer trunk, and best straw hat 

The Strand Yangon Myanmar 2 nights
Overlooking the Yangon River, this neo-classical hotel strikes a statuesque pose among the faded glories of what was once an outpost of the British Empire. The hotel opened in 1901, built by the Sarkies brothers, who also created Raffles in Singapore and the Eastern & Oriental in Penang. It quickly became the place to stay in Rangoon, as the city was formerly known, at a time when this was a busy trading port, and Burmese were banned from entering the hotel unless they wore a servant's uniform.

The Strand Yangon

Fly to Mandalay - River cruise – Mandalay - Bagan 3nights  Orient Express..

Flight Bagan - Yangon - Hanoi - Hanoi Sofitel Metropole x 2 nights
In Gatsby's day, this was known as the finest hotel in French Indochina. No doubt he would have chatted with the French administrators, soldiers and rubber planters who were the mainstay of French colonial power, but probably not in the bar. Even though he has a cocktail named after him, Gatsby was circumspect when it came to drink, perhaps fearing that a loose tongue might let slip a careless suggestion of how wealth came his way.
Past guests at the Metropole are drawn from the usual cast of globe-trotting luminaries. In June 1972, Jane Fonda stayed for two weeks, acquiring the nickname "Hanoi Jane" and the scorn of the US for her opposition to the Vietnam conflict. Another famous anti-war guest later that same year was American folk singer Joan Baez, who probably took cover in the hotel's underground air raid shelter during the 1972 Christmas bombings.

One night on Halong Bay 

Tour ends Hanoi 
another alternative route is
From Flight Bagan - Yangon  - Laos

Lighting Evening Candles
Two nights of splendor in Luang Prabang 
So... further info?...

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