Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Visiting Hotel de l'Opera Hanoi today

In the heart of ancient Hanoi, is a haven of boutique sophistication reinventing the Bohemian glamour of the Belle Epoque era with a 21st Century twist. 
An operatic highlight in ancient Hanoi, Hotel de L'Opera Hanoi rests just a step away from Hanoi's beautiful Opera House. 
Colonial accents in the architecture, and theatrical interior design of jewel tones accents and classic opera motifs juxtaposed with contemporary spaces for dining and entertaining.
All the glamour and anticipation of a night at the opera are captured within every experience, from the decadence of the guestrooms to the opulence of Satine - the fine dining restaurant. During the day, Hotel de l'Opera Hanoi is the place to meet, with delicacies at Cafe Lautrec, indulgent treatments at the spa and a cool place to relax in the atrium. 


Ps.. Pilates Tour is experiencing this hotel in September.. for three nights! 

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