Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Monday, January 7, 2013

Travel memories.. looking back to India '07

 Aah Rajasthan! 

The cover on my travel journo takes me back to you in an instant! 
Indigo blue fabric printed, emblem 'Jaipur Government Stamp' stamped in one corner, the blood red intricate paisley pattern stamped in the other. 
From the bright orange sari I purchased, to the turquoise and fuchsia pink Punjab outfits I still enjoy.. 
to the cool henna tattoo squeezed onto my hand, to every bindi on my forehead - 
all had these two symbols. 
Then there's the fresh japti, roti, garlic naan bread, the beautiful paneer, and the delicately Rose Petal perfumes from the fields of roses grown in Udaipur..  
 The tastes of Old Monk Rum and Kingfisher Beer - and the fun and laughter us five girls had! 
India is bright, bold, loud, busy, noisy, smelly, tasty, delightful, brash, disgusting, but only remember very fondly! 

Five friends and I traveled through Rajasthan in 2007.. Delhi Delights.. which one to choose? Oh my gosh! 
Having Henna for our visit to the Taj the next day.. 

Visiting the bangle shop

This was one of the very delightful meals we had.. paper thin pancake with potato.. 

Laugh a minute! shopping galore! 

Udaipur lake.. just magnificent breakfasts enjoyed on this deck overlooking the water! 

Camel ride through the dessert in Pushkar.. 

Then onto the Taj Mahal.. 

Memories live on forever! 

Onto Puskhar - no meat, no alcohol, but plenty of Roses! Great silver jewellery bought here as well...  and Sapphires,  and.. and.. and.. 

Puskhar streets were the best for me! 

We went to Jodphur .. saw the magnificent Fort  by Elephant.. and again my colors were bright and bold! Jingle Jangles around my ankle  well.. it was here that I bought my magnificent ancient quilt.. that graces our bedroom wall still.. 
Here it is framed.. 
and this is the man I bought it from.. I was riding past on an elephant.. and I noticed, it.. and pointed to it.. and next thing, it was on my lap.. and I'd paid for it!  Talk about memorable shopping experiences! 

                                          Oh India.. you leave an indelible mark for sure! 
But then doesn't all travel leave this mark on one?
What was your most memorable travel experience?
Remember Travel is about touch and feel experience
Travel is far better than seeing it on TV
The one is knowledge, the other is experience! 

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