Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New dreams..New horizon.. Life of Pi Style..

There's something about a New Year.. 
Photo: It is in our weakest moments that we find strength.
Its like that New Broom....And there's nothing that sweeps clean like a new broom! 
Are you old dreams still maturing?
Life of Pi
Are there things you left undone/unfinished/not swept clean in 2012?
A New Year is like you've got another chance, a chance to start over..
Photo: Life of Pi Movie has critics calling it “one of the most powerful films of the year.”
All of a sudden you wake up on 2.1.2013 and you have a different outlook
One of positiveness and hopefulness
Life of Pi
An outlook that is not clouded by disappointments, 
An outlook that reaches far beyond the horizon 
An outlook that all dreams CAN and WILL happen in this New Year
Its up to YOU.. 
Photo: The Wall Street Journal calls Life of Pi “Spectacular.” 

Make sure to see it in theaters this weekend! http://bit.ly/LOPtickets
Do you just lapse back into the same thinking pattern of 2012 again?
Photo: In life’s storms, cling to hope.
Or do you DARE dream and see NEW possibilities 
Photo: Life of Pi Movie has been honored with three Golden Globes nominations. Watch to see Life of Pi win!
Do you dare to keep faith alive?
Photo: Life must have balance.
Which story do you prefer? 
one of Hopefulness or one of Hopelessness?
Like Pi in the movie.. he told two stories.. 
"In hospital, insurance agents for the Japanese freighter come to hear his account of the incident. 
They find his story unbelievable, and ask him to tell them what "really" happened, 
if only for the credibility of their report. 
He answers with a less fantastic but detailed account of sharing the lifeboat with his mother, 
a sailor with a broken leg, and the ship's cook. 
In this story, the cook kills the sailor to use him as bait and food.
 In a later struggle, Pi's mother pushes him to safety on a smaller raft, and the cook stabs her as she falls overboard to the sharks. 
Later, Pi returns to grab the knife and kills the cook.
In the present, the writer notes parallels between the two stories:
 the orangutan was Pi's mother, the zebra was the sailor, the hyena was the cook, and Richard Parker, the tiger, was Pi himself.
 Pi asks him which story the writer prefers; 
He chooses the one with the tiger because it "is the better story", to which Pi responds, 
"And so it is with God". 
Glancing at a copy of the insurance report, the writer notices a closing comment about the remarkable feat of surviving 227 days at sea, especially with a tiger--meaning that the agents chose that story as well.

Find your courage..
Live your life of adventure
A life full of hope
A life of friendship
Here's to a new dreams, new horizons, new goals being reached in 2013

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