Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Friday, January 4, 2013

My grateful Ginger Jar List - not my bucket list

I'm very grateful for my husband, he provides, cares, loves, trusts, respects, he's gentle, always!
I'm very grateful for the friendship and love my daughters and I share
I will never take for granted the love I receive from my daughters and their husbands
I cherish the times I spend with my precious Willow
I enjoy, to the full, those catch-ups with my girls friends, over a good lunch or a coffee - life is very precious!
I'm thankful for my good health and enduring stamina and strength
I'm grateful, daily for time I still have with my elderly mom
I count myself very blessed with trips that I to Vietnam, and Laos and Cambodia on in 2013
I'm grateful to be able to plan that special getaway trip, with my eldest daughter whose turning a special 'O' birthday this year
I'm very grateful for my daughter whose so thoughtful in her precious ways
I'm grateful for memories 
I'm very grateful for my abundances in all things, food, clothing, shelter
My Ginger Jar with its lid off.. my list to work on.. 
Loosing the Tyre around my middle - exercising more often
Eating healthier - less lollies/chockies/bikkies - more fruit!
Laughing at myself more often! - life is not so serious!
Taking time out of the office to spend quality time with my F.. daily!
Walk further, daily
Do something 100% always! No slap dash! 
Plan at least one getaway surprise for my F
Surprise my elderly mom, every month with a unique treat! 
Have a pamper/preen night once a week for hair, nails, feet.
My jar overflows -  I mustn't  compare myself to others! 

Whats in your ginger jar this year?


  1. I can completely relate on both levels! what a wonderful post!



    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Kit.. it was wonderful chatting to you this morning.. exciting prospects ahead for us both..
      regards J