Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life is sweet.... musk sweets!!

I am certain all my readers/viewers of this blog post know about MUSK SWEETS?
Those delightful little pink sweets, filled with an aroma that immediately takes you back to your childhood?

I wish my computer had the sense of smell!  
My own image
These little sweets have history in every child's memory, I hope/imagine?
I know my husband, F tells of his fond memory of his grandfather, 
an ex South African cricketer, who lived with them, after his retirement. 
Come Sunday morning, the family of three boys, 
mom, dad and grandfather would head off to Church, 
as was the very traditional way in South Africa. 
The Church was The Dutch Reformed Church, where children defiantly are only seen, not heard!
The boys, 3, 6, and 9 would be lined up to sit,  next to Grandfather, mom and dad sang in the choir, 
and it was his responsibility to keep them quiet.. 
He did this with these little pink sweets!  
shh u... shu... SHUSH!... 
"Here's another one! Now keep still!"

Musk sweets are a popular confection in Australia and New Zealand, available from many different suppliers. Having withstood the test of time, musk sticks consist of a pink semi-soft stick, usually extruded with a ridged cross-section. Their flavour and aroma is quite floral, reminiscent of musk perfume. They are also called 'musk sweets' and 'musk lollies'. Also available is a fruit-flavoured variant called "Fruit sticks", which look like coloured musk sticks
Australia - LifeSavers - Musk flavor - candy roll wrapper - 1950's

Now I started my heading with
'Life is Sweet'.. WHY.
In light of huge bush fires raging across this very vast land of Australia that we call 'home'.. 
and over 120 homes in Tasmania have been destroyed.. 
Temperatures down in Sydney went to a new record yesterday of over 45!! 
How can I say "life is sweet"?
And thus far this 2013, has delivered a huge amount of negativity, hurts, 
and disappointments, and its only 9 days old!

Just to name a few...
Friend Cheryl fell over and landed in hospital under observation, now recovering with severe bruising,
Friend Barbara also just discharged from hospital session,
Friend Koo, had a very nasty fall, skinned her chin so badly, after walking in high heeled sandals ?

Well.. its how we handle those disappointments 
and crises that makes life sweet or not!
Its what we do when we're pushed down that makes the difference to this world! 
 We've got to keep on going, no matter what is thrown at us! 
Whatever you're looking at today.. 
remember its your outlook that matters, that the outcome! 
Suck on a musk sweet.. that will make the difference ! 

Now back to my MUSK SWEETS..
Easy to eat, they are small enough to put into your wallet, pocket, or purse, and they refresh your mouth instantly, with this pop of floral patchouli like soap bar fragrance. 
We defiantly eat with our sense of smell! 
Imagine eating without that?
But .... 
The definition of MUSK
'A substance secreted in a glandular sac under the skin of the abdomen of the male musk deer, having a strong odor, and used in perfumery'
ug! UG...u g!!! OOOH! ug! 
No.. as I said previously... 
no matter is what is thrown towards us.. its our attitude.. !!!
Pass me another one... please.. 

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