Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Monday, November 19, 2012

Everybody always ask's.. what's your weather like?

This huge storm blew in on Saturday morning.. and it continued to dump rain, hail, very bad lightening, and much rain until last night !!!
We had over 70 mm of rain.. the garden is soaked.. the trees have had a good wash down.. the air today is just perfect!
When one witnesses the strength and power of those lightening bolts.. and the wind.. and the hail.. one then also realizes one's vulnerability and weakness in light of those powers!
But I guess there's always pluses in all storms of life?!!
Thanks to this past weekend of storms... it just depends your outlook!Pluses..
our windows have been washed without me having to lift a finger and they sparkle!
our veranda's and decks have all had a great wash down.. just a few leaves to sweep off and its as good as new!
our garden has a through soak.. unlike my scattering from the water hose pipe.. this went deep!
the air is clean.. all the germs have been washed away.. yay! no more flue's hanging about!
All the trees (and we're on a golf estate in Queensland) and there are many trees, have had their dead wood removed
the roads and pavements have had a good clean up and wash down
I guess there are some negatives though...
The golf course is 'cart paths' only today'.. so lots of walking
A few trees came down in the storm.. nothing serious.. just thinned out a few spindly ones in my neighbors garden!
It's not over yet.. the bureau says more coming today..
so Watch this space..I'll continue to batten down the hatches.. and sweep up the leaves.. and remember this time to take in the doormats!Whatever your weather.. have a fine Monday.. 

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