Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Thursday, October 4, 2012

What is your contentment Jean?

hot chocolate mug
Hot or Cold.. Hot Chocolate ANY DAY, ANY TIME..
                            Water or dessert?.
water water water
Water.. I'm not a dessert person.. I have to have water, green, around me..
Morning 😉
Morning or evening person?.. aah. definitely an evening person.. I don't function well first thing in the day, but can go all night till late!

City or Mountains?...
The Lakes District, England
Mountains.. green, soft.. high.. low.. make it mountains anyday.. the city is for the birds!
 Crisp or soft?
Silk please.. I'm not a cotton, starched person.. make mine soft whispy floaty silks..

Sweet or sour?
Sweet anyday.. I'll arm wrestle  you for the last bars on the slab of chocolate.. the last toffee.. the last jelly bean!
Do you know what you want/need? Are you afraid to state your mind?.
Do you suffer in silence, under a blanket, or do you speak your mind?..
Myself.. I'd like to think I'm a positive, and an encourager ..because of this... I will always hesitate to state my mind if it will hurt/offend .. but I'm never ever afraid to speak/defend the truth,  for the sake of my integrity. My word is my honor.. Its the only thing that remains.. after the fat lady has sung!

shades of summer
Summer... summer.. slip, slop.. slap.. bare footed on the beach..here I go.. which one.. summer or winter?
Daytime or evening?... Full moon, or no moon.. oh gosh Jeanie.. give me a full moon anyday/night! 

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  1. Thank you Jean for sharing this...all I can say, great minds think alike. :) xx