Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
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Friday, September 28, 2012

TWO LEGENDS (of the fall) from Hanoi..

Hanoi's Heart: Ho Hoan Kiem or Lake of the Returned Swod is best visited at dawn when locals gather to practice tai chi under the branches of the trees rimming the water, before the city hastens its pace, and hordes of mopeds take to the streets.
Savor the peace and quiet of the morning always..
As the legend goes.. Vietnamese hero le Loi was given a heavenly sword with which to defend the Chinese invaders centuries ago. After the victory, Le Loi was out on the lake when a giant turtle appeared and asked for the sword to be returned now that his work was done.  Thap Rua or Tortoise Tower, the iconic tower on the small islet at the southern end of the lake was constructed in honor of the legendary reptile.
Tortoise Tower..
 Ngoc Son Temple stands on the lake's Northern End, accessible by a bright red foot bridge. Nod hello to the group of old men who gather to play Chinese Chess, and head inside the main complex to view the intricate statues of Taoist gods, legendary heroes, and a giant stuffed turtle!
Cross over with this delightful Red Bridge to Ngo Son Temple

Jip.. this is the giant stuffed turtle of the legend of Ho Han Kiem ..

The intricate statues of Taoist gods.
Now.. at the start of my blog today.. I mentioned TWO legends from Hanoi?.. The one is certainly this turtle.. the OTHER?...
One of the most luxurious places to stay in Hanoi is Hotel Sofitel LEGEND Metropole.  
The amazing Le Bealieu Restaurant .. where you can sit the night away and watch the comings and goings of Hanoi..

Spices Restaurant.. also a MUST visit..

To have a bed here is the ULTIMATE!

Superbly kept grounds.. this Hotel, Dupois 1901 and STILL very elegant and grand, is a MUST STAY!

Her staff ooze charm and professionalism..

Around every corn is a picture waiting to be taken.. here each bloom is PERFECT!

This ol' Citroen gets feather dusted daily! Oh, sure.. it still works too.. you can take a trip in her if you've got some spare $'s..

French Colonization at its best!  Be sure to have at least TWO NIGHTS at this amazing legend when next you visit Hanoi.
PS.. images all my own..
Another OUTSTANDING LEGENDS OF THE FALL..Have you seen it?...

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