Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Monday, August 13, 2012

What's your best treat Jean? How can we spoil you?

Is it a good fine dark or milk chocolate?..

Lindt.. yes.. milk Lindt chocolate.. or at most 70% cocoa Lindt.. not the 85% dark please.. too bitter
Do you enjoy a  massage?..
Aah.. yes.. Head.. shoulders.. back.. hot stone.. remedial.. ANY massage.. foot, hands..

Or a bunch of the best freshest smelling flowers...
Poppies..  tulips.. hydrangeas.. any flowers that 'cant be arranged formally' and stiffly.. I love the natural look ..
Or the smell of clean fresh linen on your bed?..
yes.. I adore crisp.. white.. fresh.. smelling of my washing powder .. especially the first night after I've just changed the bed.. aah.. small joys!

Do you ALWAYS have the same dish to eat when you're dining out?..
No.. I'm an adventurous eater.. I co enjoy curry's though.. so nine times out ten.. I'll pick spicy, curry, fragrant Vietnamese Pho.. ... for breakfast.. boring.. boring.. always yoghurt and seeds.. mind you, I do enjoy the odd croissant/baguette.. I'm not really a fan of ice cream though.. lunch treat is either a  crispy pork VN salad.. mmm, with the scatterings of crispy onions and nuts on top or a tuna salad..

Are you a wine drinker, .. Red or do you prefer white?.. Is this your best treat..
aah.. nothing beats a glass of good fruit driven glass of Australian Shiraz or a Cab Sauv. from the Coonawarra region of Au?... when day is done.. and like 'French Women don't get fat says.. ONE glass at night is good for me.. I'm sticking to that One glass. only!

When you pack for an overseas holiday.. how do you prepare.. what's the first things you do?..
Oh yes.. this is a treat for  me too.. a travel bug I am! Our spare bedroom becomes the packing stage.. and this becomes my 'packing table'.. My wrapping table for gifts taking with.. this is the first that gets my attention.. how can I treat who I'm going to meet?..Right now.. I'm preparing for our South African holiday.. to see/celebrate my mom's 85th.. so.. jip. no secrets shared sorry!

What are you reading now?...
Aah.. a stunning book.. highly recommended.. Catfish and Mandala.. Andrew X Pham..
Catfish and Mandala: A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam
What about movies?.. do you enjoy going to watch a movie?
Yes.. my husband F and I love a good flick.. over the weekend normally.. on a Saturday early evening, or Sunday late afternoon.. just recently saw 'The Sapphires'.. really recommded..
Poster for The Sapphires (PG) 
Ok.. more treat time info next time.. what's your best treat?.. Do those that you love know how best to treat you?.. Awful if they think you like silk/satin and actually you're a cotton only wearer.. 

so.. tell .. do tell.. what's your best treat.?...

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