Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meet my Cambodian friends..

 Meet my friend Kuntchia.. she owns this divine silk shop in Phnom Penh.. want her details?
 Every morning, this broom man walked past my hotel.. and would greet me with his lovely smile..
 Such happy kids.. thanks for your smiley faces today.. just when I was missing my own children
 And this monk and I had a great chat too.. he was learning to speak English, so I helped him I hope
 The veggie seller..
 And the lunch stop.. with the little orange stools..
 And the Tut tut
 And the two little boys who just wanted a soccer ball.. but for that treat, they helped me find the stalls in the Russian Market I was looking for..
and these two sisters.. so friendly always..ALL of you helped make my trips to Cambodia filled with kindness and generosity.. you, who have so little, but give so much!  Thank you!

.... these treasured memories of these friends when I see their pictures today,  again bring a smile to my face.  I'm thinking of you all in a very special way..  each one of you are very treasured, very special.. thank you for your friendship when I visited your country, Cambodia..

Yes.. fly with me..  I'm going back to Cambodia.. yay.. yay..

We'll  have much fun exploring Cambodia in 24April - 10 May 2013.. together with Kim Fay.. whose novel takes place in Angkor Wat.. aah, she'll treat us to some marvelous inside information, and introduce to to many of her friends in Vietnam/Cambodia as well..

Be sure to get a copy of  this book... its coming to your shelves soon.. publishing dates early August/September!

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