Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
Relax, renew, regain, regrow, reflect

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A few of my charms on my Vietnam bracelet

Like a lucky charm bracelet, and one that you know each charm off by heart, every charm is individual, and yet, they all make up the very special bracelet..
This is  what Vietnam means to me.. its one country.. a long S shaped .. but each amazing city is unique and so different.. 

Take Saigon.. my favorite charm here is the street called Dong Khoi Street.. why?.. Dong Khoi Street has been at the centre of life in Saigon since French colonial times, when it was known as Rue Catinat. In the 60's it became Tu do Street and it was the centre of wartime sleaze and intrigue. It is home to many of Saigon's most memorable colonial era buildings.. 
Next charm is her people.. they are so friendly, so helpful, always have time for a ' xio chio..' hello... what's your name.. where you from?.. 
 A very special charm next on my bracelet is her memories we get to experience when we allow ourselves those very splendid times in life to make memories that are etched in our lives forever! 
  Next charm is her tastes, and flavors, hot, sour,sweet, salty.. spicy.. this chicken curry had it all! 
Next precious charm, is the charm of opportunity that are ever present.. here I found myself in the right spot at the right time.. and had my two minutes of TV fame! On National Vietnam Television News.. ' so madam, what do  you think of the art that is on display in the Ana Mandara Nha Trang hotel?..
Next charm, is her amazing luring silks, her colors, her vibrancy about life.. all embracing and so captivating!
Next charm is her amazing talented hard working nation.. image making not one, a few billion of these huge pottery  pots - they are displayed all around Vietnam.. from  Nha Trang to Nam Hai to Hanoi I saw them.. 
No matter the weather, or the time, or the place.. there's always a photo opportunity..be prepared.. so charm #9  is ready, action.. take four hundred and fifty seven..! 
One of my real special charms is you'll get to have your breakfasts at the best hotels ever! And you can order a cà phê đá for breakfast and NOBODY will look sideways at you! Thankfully you've had that swim, walk, tai chi with locals before!! Yes, lucky charm # 10 you're special as well! 
My next special charm is I'm made to feel like ONE in a million.. very special.. very honored.. very treasured.. not just one of the bunch! This charm is close to my heart!
Next charm is her gentle persuasion charm.. you always manage to purchase far more than you bargained on!
 Aah, Vietnam my favorite charm..living on the edge of the future, but still very proud of their past..
 My bracelet has many more charms.. I'll save these for another time..

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