Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Aah.. tishu..

Sneeze sound are hachoo, achoo, atchoo, achew and atishoo, with the first syllable corresponding to the initial inhaling of air, and the last to the sound of the sneeze.

Who enjoys a good sneeze?... and when you sneeze do you sneeze quietly, or out loud?

Why do we sneeze?
Sneezing is possibly linked to sudden exposure to bright light, sudden change (fall) in temperature, breeze of cold air, a particularly full stomach, or viral infection, and can lead to the spread of disease.

 In Ancient Greece, sneezes were believed to be prophetic signs from the gods.

 In certain parts of  Eastern Asia, particularly in Chinese culture, Japanese culture and Vietnamese culture, a sneeze without an obvious cause was generally perceived as a sign that someone was talking about the sneezer at that very moment.

In China, Vietnam and Japan for instance, there is a superstition that if talking behind someone's back causes the person being talked about to sneeze; as such, the sneezer can tell if something good is being said (one sneeze), something bad is being said (two sneezes in a row), even if someone is in love with them (three sneezes in a row) or if this is a sign that they are about to catch a cold (multiple sneezes).

What response should you give?.. 
  • In Renaissance times a superstition was formed claiming one's heart stopped for a very brief moment during the sneeze, saying bless you was a sign of prayer that the heart wouldn't fail.
  • It has also been stated that one says "(God) bless you" so that one does not catch the flu, cold, or any other forms of sickness.

 So... sneeze into a tissue please.. don't spread germs/flue around.. its Winter across Australia now.. and I don't want to catch the flu..

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