Take time out to enjoy..

Take time out to enjoy..
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Recipe Friday... Strawberry wine

This is one of those recipe's you will make more for fun than anything else. It's satisfying to serve as a digestif after a heavy meal though!

Strawberry Wine

1/2 gallon jar with a lid
10lbs strawberries
2 lbs sugar
5grms packet wine yeast if you live in a cold enviroment.
In the jar, put one layer of strawberries, one tin coating of sugar, one layer of strawberries till all ingredients are used up.
If you live in a cold place and don't get much sun, mix half a 5grm packet of wine yeast and dribble this into the jar.
Put the lid on the jar, and keep in a warm place for at least two months.
Manually filter the liquid using a plastic screen or by first pouring filtered liquid through a strainer and then pouring this liquid through coffee filters.  This liquid was clear and deep ruby pink in color.
Pour filtered liquid into a clean jar and let sit for another week or two to allow the final sediment to settle to the bottom. Strain again, and bottle and make beautiful labels. 
Let wine sit for a least another month in fridge before using it.
                       Recipe from 'Communion - a Culinary Journey Through Vietnam - Kim Fay

Communion is “THE book on Vietnamese cuisine, deserving a place in every foodies’ and travellers’ library. Highly recommended.” – The Globetrotting Gourmet  Kim Fay - Communion - A Culinary Journey through Vietnam 

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